Green Chic Renaissance

To be re-born is to see everything anew and to find what we hadn't seen before.

It is to look at nature like never before and discover that it contains everything we’ve always searched for; the difference is that now we know how to use it.
Esteticare is a range of products designed for consumers who are increasingly attentive to ingredients lists, while maintaining high standards of effectiveness.

We can be green and still be chic, because a flower doesn’t need chemicals to be stunning.

Esteticare product ranges

Three complete ranges for beauty salons, wellness centres, SPAs, gyms and sports centres.

Skincare for the face, Skincare for the body and Aroma SPA.
Three ranges for the care of the face, body and the overall well-being of the individual featuring effective and targeted solutions for all your aesthetic needs.

Skincare Face


Aroma SPA


Continuous training that transforms the product into a service

so that you can broaden you knowledge and consolidate your technical preparation.


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